Ohio's First Blind Soccer Team

About Blind Soccer

5-A-Side Football (Soccer) is a five player game with four B-1 athletes and a sighted goalie.  The game is modified for the visually impaired athletes by playing with a soccer bell with bells enclosed in the ball so the athletes can hear it throughout the field.  

Our Players

We currently have seven blind players on our team.  Our end goal is to have enough B-1 athletes to create a team looking to head to the Paralympic’s in 2028

Our Upcoming Events

We have a variety of upcoming practices, games, and other events involving our blind athletes, sighted volunteers, and the community.  

How You Can Help

We are looking to play on a regulation turf field with correct borders to play at a Paralympic level. Funding is needed to create a professional field so we welcome donations of any size.

Playing The Game

Ohio Blind Soccer aims to train blind soccer athletes with the ultimate goal of creating more teams in the U.S.A. to get to the Paralympics in 2028
Katie Smith
Head Coach

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